Get Involved

Thank you for considering becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister. Taking an interest in the life of a child creates the opportunity to change their life in ways that are very special. You need no special skills or training. You only need to care enough to commit to a relationship with a young person who needs the friendship and support of a “Big”. Your patience and commitment will earn their trust and over time you will likely get much more than you give in the relationship.

Completing the Volunteer Application starts the process. After the application and screening is completed we will present you with two or three suggested matches. You will choose the one that seems to fit the best; we will arrange a meeting between you and your new friend. You and your match will decide where to go from there.

Thank you for your willingness to be a friend to a young person who needs one. You will be glad that you did.

How Do I Become a Big?

Call us at 603.516.BBBS and set up a time to come to our office in person to meet the staff and learn more about the program. We will explain in detail what the application process involves and tell you more about the children and families we work with.